Have you "tried everything" to relieve chronic pain or discomfort?
Do you want to engage fully in life with increased flexibility?
Do you want a body that achieves peak performance?

Restore your body's well–being and enjoy increased freedom of movement by studying the Alexander Technique with Thomas Lemens and engaging in a series of one-on-one sessions. The benefits you can experience include:

Westchester, NY Location:

2 Keeler Lane
North Salem, NY 10560

"I literally limped into Thom's office, and was able to walk out. Now I experience much less pain, and have learned to use my body differently at work." 

— James DiGiacinto DDS

Periodontist, Mt. Kisco NY

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  • Relief of chronic pain

  • Prevention of future discomfort

  • Improved posture and spinal alignment

  • Reduced stress, strain and muscular tension

  • Increased range of motion, breathing capacity, and overall energy

  • Fewer symptoms of ailments such as lower back syndrome, carpal tunnel, and recurrent headaches

  • Improved balance and coordination

The Alexander Technique is not a form of exercise or treatment. It is instead a re–education of mind and body that has proven effective for over a hundred years. A long list of celebrities have benefited from the "AT," including George Bernard Shaw, Judy Dench, Paul Newman, James Galway and Paul McCartney.

How can the Alexander Technique help you?

Thomas Lemens has over 30 years of experience as a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique. Located in North Salem in Westchester County, NY, Thom can provide relief from a wide variety of neurological and musculoskeletal ailments including:

  • Chronic pain, including lower back syndrome

  • Traumatic and repetitive stress injuries

  • Neck, shoulder and hip disorders

  • Breathing and coordination disorders

  • Stress disorders, migraines and anxiety

In 2008, a British Medical Journal study showed that Alexander Technique reduced back pain by an impressive 85%. Long-term benefits for patients with chronic back pain are summarized in this excerpt:

"Lessons in the Alexander Technique offer an individualized approach designed to develop lifelong skills for self-care that help people recognize, understand, and avoid poor habits affecting postural tone and neuromuscular coordination."