Lesson Format

Although each individual presents different issues, a typical course of study with Thomas Lemens consists of the following:

"In the spring of 2001 a specialist in Houston, Texas, suggested that my scoliosis was severe enough to warrant immediate major surgery. Having no interest in being cut open, I sought an alternative.


I was referred to Thom, and in the years of working with him, the pain that originally brought me to that Houston surgeon has never recurred."  

— Zak Berkman


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  • Interested clients schedule a 1-hour Initial Evaluation, and a half-hour Follow-Up the next day. ($375 total cost.)

  • They then complete the Intake Form, available by clicking HERE.

  • A Initial Series of sessions are scheduled 3 times per week for the first 2 to 3 weeks ($125 per half-hour lesson).

  • Depending on the level of pain or discomfort, sessions are scheduled 2 to 3 times per week for the next 20 weeks. Frequency gradually moves to once a week.

  • Maintenance Sessions are then scheduled on an "as needed" basis.

For Equestrians

Thomas Lemens has many years of experience and success working with equestrians, both on and off the horse. Benefits can include:

  • Enhanced balance

  • Increased awareness of the rider's head-spine relationship.

  • Improved connection between rider's carriage and the carriage and behavior of the horse.

  • Enriched communication between horse and rider.

For Other High-Performance Pursuits

Powerful benefits can also be realized by those engaged in many other athletic and high–performance endeavors such as golf, dance, acting, and public speaking.

To arrange an initial session or inquire about fees, click here. Potential clients are requested to download and fill out the interactive Intake Form available HERE.

When completed, please save the file with a new name then print it and mail it to: 

The Center For Applied Posture

2 Keeler Lane, North Salem, NY 10560