Testimonials from Clients of Thomas Lemens

"I had back problems all my life, including long hospitalizations during my childhood. In my 40s I had a slipped disc that partially paralyzed my foot, which made it impossible to ride or train dressage horses for quite some time.

After a recurrence of this condition in 1995, I was introduced to Thomas Lemens and the Alexander Technique. Thomas treated me over a period of several months and completely eliminated any physical problems and pain. He has kept me away from any surgical procedures and I will be forever thankful for that. I can highly recommend Thomas as a practitioner of the Alexander Technique."

- Ronald J. Postleb, Crown Dressage International

"In the spring of 2001 a specialist in Houston, Texas, suggested that my scoliosis was severe enough to warrant immediate major surgery. Having no interest in being cut open I sought an alternative.

I was referred to Thom, and in the eight years of working with him, the pain that originally brought me to that Houston surgeon has never recurred.

"Beyond helping me adapt to the structural quirks of my anatomy, Thom has an equal genius at adjusting the potentially negative storytelling in my mind. I walk in carrying the mental knots of a world disfigured by rigid perspectives and detached relationships, but with a blend of humor, openness, and insight, Thom often helps relax those knots, so I leave breathing better in more ways than one."

- Zak Berkman

“My work with Thom Lemens resolved my pain issues from two serious injuries. It has also resulted in a deeper and quieter seat on my dressage horses, and helped me make dramatic improvements with my riding students.”

- Catherine McWilliams, Eastward, Brewster, NY


"Thom Lemens and the Alexander Technique have dramatically improved my quality of life. As a veterinarian who has practiced equine musculoskeletal adjustments and acupuncture for over twenty years, I am well aware of the impact of proper posture and biomechanics.

Thom has been able to assist me in re-establishing my proper balance and posture in the midst of the challenges I put my own body through in my work. I am extremely grateful for the assistance that Thom has provided me. He keeps me going!"

- Allen M. Schoen, MS, DVM

"I've had chronic back pain all my adult life, resulting from an early football injury and exacerbated by bending over all the time in my practice as a periodontist. I had to travel everywhere with a bag of medications and a neck pillow.

Working with Thom has made a significant impact on my life. I literally limped into his office, and was able to walk out. Now I experience much less pain, and have learned to use my body differently at work. When my back does begin to bother me occasionally, a lesson with Thom fixes the problem."

- Dr. James DiGiacinto, DDS

Periodontist in Mt. Kisco, NY